DIABETE-VAPE™ is the only e-liquid range in the world to offer e-liquids suitable for beginner or experienced DIABETIC vapers, who are anxious to break the bond to tobacco. An amazing substitution that will seize your taste buds and reward you with an intense freshness! DIABETE-VAPE ™ is not considered a medical device. Our e-liquids do not affect the glycaemic index of a diabetic subject according to various serious studies.



There are around 380,000,000 diabetics in the world, with an estimated figure of 592,000,000 by 2035.

3,500,000 in France / 600,000 in Belgium / 500,000 in Switzerland / 6,000,000 in Germany / 4,000,000 in England / 98,000,000 in China / 25,000,000 in USA …

In 2017, diabetes killed more than 300,000 Africans, 41 million people will be diagnosed with diabetes in 2045 on the continent.

For a diabetic smoker, tobacco and it’s harmful substances are responsible for serious complications such as:

  • Macrovascular / stroke or myocardial infarction
  • Neuropathy, scarring difficulties in foot wounds, nephropathy, retinopathy
  • Structural changes caused by tobacco, renal function
  • Lung, throat, bladder cancer

In people with diabetes, smoking tobacco increases the risks of:

  • 48% death
  • 52% myocardial infarction
  • Stroke 44%
  • The annual mortality due to smoking is close to 10.000.000 people in the world!

Our e-liquids offer you an unequalled alternative and pleasure, are designed and bottled in France, scrupulously respecting the new European TPD ( Tobacco Product Law) directive.


Classic “light” blond tobacco flavour, combined with sweet and balanced notes of dried leaves. This e-liquid is particularly suitable for diabetics, who are former regular smokers, anxious to find again a flavour that reminds them of the traditional legendary American cigarettes! A suitable substitution for smoking cessation with efficiency. Smoking will be for you, only an old and … (ugly) memory!

CIGARILLO A sweet taste of sweet Havana cigars. E-liquid flavour for all lovers of the intense taste of the mythical Cuban cigarillos, valuing an authentic and slightly peppery aroma. The essential taste remains authentic to the real cigarillos, but without any bad additional odours from burning. Close your eyes … try these fantastic e-liquids together with an old brandy or Armagnac?… You will enjoy this amazing moment.

An exhilarating fruity e-liquid made from blackcurrant and macerated grapes, judiciously selected, enhanced by notes of fresh mint, ensuring for you a proven and tasty combination, that will undoubtedly make your taste buds feel happy. Diabetics to whom these fruits are not recommended, will find their delight in this subtle flavour as it is without tobacco, sugar, sweeteners or dyes.

This magical and gourmet flavour is a superb combination of lemon and sweet meringue, balancing a tasty pie in the pure pastry tradition. A unique experience of taste for a diabetic vaper, this e-liquid flavour gives the opportunity to taste an amazing traditional pie without the adverse consequences for their glycemic index. This “Lemon Meringue Pie” is just in time… for a pure treat!

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0 Tobacco

0 Sugar

0 Synthetic Colorants

0 Sweetener

0 Diacetyl

0 Acrolein

0 Nicotine

REMINDER: DIABETE-VAPE ™ e-liquids do not contain any sugar, nicotine, diacetyl, artificial colors, acrolein, sweeteners and are produced with a 100% vegetal propylene glycol. These liquids are studied and appropriate for diabetic vapers, unlike many products distributed on the market and on websites which are containing additives that are particularly harmful to the body and without any real quality control. For all these reasons, DIABETE-VAPE ™ e-liquids meet the wishes of diabetic vapers, guaranteeing them no impact on their glycemic index.

Our e-liquids with nicotine are prohibited to the minors and formally misadvised to the pregnant and / or breastfeeding women 

DIABETE-VAPE™ is not considered as a medical device, it is possibly a help or an alternative to smoking cessation, recommended for diabetics. It does not affect the glycaemic index according to various studies.

If you have never smoked, do not use the electronic cigarette and its e-liquids with or without nicotine.

E-nicotine liquids that are sold in in 10 ml vials (3-6 mg/ml nicotine) at your convenience, are particularly meant for heavy smokers in the smoking cessation phase.

Our E-liquids that are sold in nicotine free 40 Ml & 50 Ml flasks, can be mixed with nicotine boosters (ask your reseller).